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Visit Olmeto, Propriano and Corsica

Corsica is full of holiday activities, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable stay. Let’s look at what you can visit in Corsica in the Propriano area.

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The various bodies of water to enjoy

The town of Propriano has its share of beautiful beaches that will have you dreaming as soon as you hit the sand. You will have, for example, the beach of Capu Laurosu which holds a very natural aspect for more than 4 km, enough to easily find a place away from other holidaymakers. It is even crossed by the famous Rizzanese river which is also worth a visit.

For more of a holiday feel, come to the Lido beach which has multiple beach bars to give a very Instagrammable look to your souvenir photos, but are also very useful for sipping a cocktail in the shade. And if you are specifically looking for a much more intimate spot, out of sight, come to the Arena Bianca inlet attached to Capu Laurosu beach.

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Thrilling activities

If you want to experience some adrenaline during your holiday, we get it. Amongst the activities or places to visit in Corsica around Propriano, you’ll find many exciting attractions. You can tryscuba diving while enjoying a little boat trip. Propriano has a simply extraordinary seabed in terms of wildlife, and aquatic décor. For those who prefer to remain above the surface, you can go jet skiing in the bay of Propriano while discovering an outstanding landscape.

You can go on your own, with a group of friends, with your family, or with experts, who will show you the best secret spots of the region.

But that’s not all, Propriano also offers canyoning days with your loved ones, a staggering jump thanks to the parachuting school of Valinco, and many other amazing activities.


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And what about culture

The area is also full of history that you can discover when you arrive with the prehistoric site of Filitosa. You can admire strange statues filled with legends that are all equally mysterious. These are statue-menhirs, which are up to 3 metres high and have been carved to resemble human faces.

At the time, holidaymakers let themselves dream by imagining a thousand and one tales about themselves. Historic searches and digs have recently allowed us to discover that is was, in fact, a religious site.

Places for

Propriano also has a selection of activities for children and young kids. You’ll easily be able to convince them to give you a day to yourselves by taking them to have fun at Club Mickey, the best in the region! With trampolines, water-based activities, and a bouncy castle, your little ones will have no trouble keeping busy while you’re away, and will undoubtedly have as much fun as you, or even more than you by making some new friends.